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    VISIT SAUDI: #SaudiGreenInitiative

    Two assignments, unrelated but nevertheless involving an important interaction, brought me to Saudi Arabia twice within a year.

    For the first project, I worked with The Independent as part of the #SaudiGreenInitiative. Here I documented how Saudi Arabia is committed to climate protection and increased sustainability. We travelled around the country for three weeks to explore projects on these topics and to get to know climate protection advocates. Our last stop was the environmental conference in Riyadh. I covered everything daily with stories and produced six feed posts and two reels. The campaign reached a global audience through my channels and those of The Independent.

    The second time, I travelled to the country at the invitation of #VisitSaudi. My focus was on the country itself, the culture and how the tourism is being developed. This time, I documented a holiday destination. This resulted in two feed posts and four stories, which were distributed via my and #VisitSaudi's channels.

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